Kenan Irving Photography



   My name is Kenan Irving and I have no idea how to write about myself. In fact I put this section of the website off until the absolute last minute. Writing a bio is tough but I love to take pictures. I’ve been fascinated with cameras ever since I was a kid. When I was young every event or outing involved tons of snapshots. When I grew up, I became amazed with what a camera could do and how the pictures it takes could capture moments better than our minds. 

   Today, along with my wife Charise, I do my best to tell stories. It doesn't matter if it’s a wedding, portraits or commercial work, everything revolves around telling a story. I’ll probably never get better at writing about myself but I am constantly trying to improve as a photographer and storyteller. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see more of my work. You can also call or contact me below to talk about what we can create together.


Monroe, LA


Me and probably figured that out though.